Nedde Real Estate Leases Space to JenCol Innovations

Written by nereal on April 24, 2017
Nedde Real Estate Leases Space to JenCol Innovations

Georgia, VT – Grant Butterfield from Nedde Real Estate has brokered a lease between owner Pat Malone from Malone Yankee Park Properties, LLC and Tim Hardy from JenCol Innovations, LLC in the leasing of 3,500 +/- square feet of manufacturing space at 57 Yankee Park Road, Georgia.

JenCol Innovations is an extension of the company Hardy Structural, a structural engineering firm that is expanding their business to include a new technology called EM-BOLT. EM-BOLT is a patented pre-fabricated boltable embed plate that eliminates on-site field welding when attaching steel beams to cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete. It was invented to enable contractors and construction crews to work faster and safer.

Photo (left to right): Tim Hardy (JenCol Innovations, LLC) and Grant Butterfield (Nedde Real Estate).

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