Portfolio of Doug Nedde – The Hinds Lofts

Written by nereal on March 30, 2015

Portfolio of Doug Nedde – The Hinds Lofts

To continue our run of posts highlighting various aspects of Doug Nedde’s portfolio in the Vermont commercial real estate field, we are now spotlighting the Hinds Lofts.

The Hinds Lofts

Located at 161 St. Paul Street in Burlington, VT, the Hinds Lofts is the reimagining and redevelopment of the early 1900’s O.L. Hinds Company manufacturing facility located in downtown Burlington. It has been restored to historic preservation standards and given a new function, having been converted into 15 high-end residential lofts consisting of one, two and three bedroom units plus a rooftop penthouse. The Hinds Lofts were completed in 2008 with 90% of the units sold within 4 months of completion and is a great example of what a succesful revamping of commercial real estate in Vermont looks like. You can read more about this project at http://www.youkel.com/projects/03–The-Hinds-Lofts/theHindsLofts.html.


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